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Fine estate-grown coffees from around the world, roasted over the fire in small batches with love for my family and friends!

Coffee origins offered vary throughout the year...

coffee is an agricultural commodity that is harvested at different times of the year in different parts of the world.  Like wines, coffees from different parts of the world exhibit different flavors.

I try to offer coffee from different countries on a weekly basis.

I buy/sell fair-trade, organic coffees when possible

and always offer the highest quality 100% Arabica beans.

I carefully roast the coffee to bring out the optimum flavors

of each varietal and always strive to deliver it to you as soon as possible.

The roast is finished...the beans are quickly cooled...then bagged and labeled...then shipped directly to you!  No backed up inventory, no warehouses...just fresh-off-the-roast YOUR cup!

Want some?  I would be pleased to roast you up a batch!

Check out my current offerings!

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Peru La Florida

Still roasting REALLY GOOD COFFEE and shipping during Quarantine!

In an effort to be a better steward of our natural resources and friend to our planet, I've decided to package my coffees in compostable bags. These tin-tie reclosable bags are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper lined with a new polymer that is derived from corn! The inks and dyes are water-based and the whole package is biodegradable. We have enough plastics in our landfills and this gives us all a chance to enjoy our coffee and decrease pollution of our earth at the same time!

Same great coffee in an earth-friendly package!


Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista Organic,

Papua New Guinea Timazu Organic,

Peru La Florida,

100% Kona - Lions Gate Estate - Hawaii,

Panama Los Naranjos Volcancito,

Lighthouse Blend,

Black Velvet Blend,

Colombia Excelso SWP Decaf

9 rules for making the best cup of coffee everyday!

There is now a shipping setup included in the shopping cart to allow local “Pickup” for those of you who are local and prefer ordering and paying online but avoiding shipping charges!  USPS Flat-rate Priority Mail remains the best way for me to ship your fresh roasted coffee beans if you are not local and has proven to be quick and reliable. Fresh coffee is just a click away!  markos ;)

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