Current Offerings July 2018


Freshly Roasted Coffee List:

Costa Rica Tarrazu San Ramon Tucan

Another fantastic Tarrazu coffee is here.  The cup offers a slightly floral aroma and a smooth mouthfeel.  Many subtle flavor hints include nuts, Bit o’ Honey candy bar, toffee, and pear.  The floral note gives way to semi-sweet chocolate as the cup cools.   Crisp and complex!

$16.00 per pound                                     



Mexico Chiapas Belisario Organic

This popular coffee is organically grown by mostly indigenous farmers on a collection of small farms in the high-altitude rain forest near the Guatemala border.  With a smooth body and nice aroma, the brew result is a simple and mild cup of coffee with flavor hints of dark chocolate, cherries, and walnut .  Comfort food in a cup! 

$16.00 per pound                                                     



Panama Finca Santa Teresa Lavado

Grown at high altitude in rich volcanic soils of the Chiriqui region of Panama, this excellent coffee offers a silky-bodied cup.  Flavor hints suggest milk chocolate, caramel, oranges and a sweet finish.  Get some!

$16.00 per pound                                                                                                        




100% Kona - Lions Gate Estate - Hawaii

Aloha!  The crop is in from the Big Island and this estate coffee makes one SMOOTH cup!  It is grown on heirloom trees between 60 and 100 years old on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano.  Flavors include hints of tangerine, hibiscus, and macadamia nuts with a buttery smooth chocolate finish.  100% Kona...100% made in the USA!  Treat yourself to a little taste of paradise and you’ll say Mahalo!

$32.00 per pound





Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal

Huehuetenango coffee is grown in the highland regions of northern Guatemala.  Nice aromatics are complemented by a smooth body.  You’ll find flavor highlights of cinnamon, apple, pie crust, peach and slight molasses in the cup.  Bright and sweet!

$16.00 per pound                                                                                                                          


The Lighthouse Blend

Here is a delicious house blend of super high-quality Central and South American coffees with just the right balance of brightness and sweetness to jump start your day.  Fill’er up, smell it, drink it, enjoy it, repeat...

$16.00 per pound


Black Velvet Blend

Roasted Vienna style(dark... not burnt), this is a smokey, low-acid blend of very distinct coffees from Central and South America.  Terrific as a drip brew and wonderful prepared as espresso!  Dark and deep, smooth and sweet!

$16.00 per pound

Costa Rica Central Valley SWP Decaf

This coffee is gently decaffeinated using pure mountain spring water.

In the cup, you’ll find rich body, balanced flavor and a toasted marshmellow sweetness.  It works well for decaf espresso and is something I would definitely recommend for after-dinner service.  You won’t miss the caffeine!

$16.00 per pound                                                         

**Please Note: 

        The flavors mentioned in the coffee descriptions are not

        added flavorings.  They are naturally occurring flavor

        characteristics of that particular coffee bean. That’s what

        is so intriguing about GOOD coffee!**

So many beans, so little time!  Isn’t this fun?    markos ;)